Business Continuity

Complete Reassurance With Total Data Protection:  Kaseya Datto SIRIS BCDR Platform

SIRIS is a platform designed to provide your business with a Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery plan (BCDR) for your on-premise line of business applications and windows server systems. 

In the format of a compact, scalable device, Datto Siris offers complete peace of mind when it comes to protecting your data against:

  • System Compromise
  • Ransomware
  • Server Hardware Failure
  • Power Outages, Fire, Flood Damage etc
  • Human Error - Most commonly observed

Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, Datto SIRIS integrates seamlessly into your existing systems, offering faster backups and recovery times than ever seen before, leaving you with more time to grow and develop your business where it really matters.

The Datto SIRIS Platform Offers A Range Of Benefits, Including:

  • Protection of BOTH physical (local server) and virtual (cloud-based) environments
  • Cloud-based solution for Instant Virtualisation
  • Unlimited number of protected systems
  • Seamless Integration
  • Cost-effective price models

Datto SIRIS At Work

Datto SIRIS utilised Instant Virtual Technology, and enables entire infrastructure systems to be replicated or “spun up” within seconds in the event of system compromise or damage. 

In the event of any unexpected challenges taking place in your buiness, affecting any of your windows servers,the Datto SIRIS BCDR appliance deployed (Instant Virtual Technology) enables your business to operate as usual. 

System At Rest

  • Tailorable backup schedules dictate when data is saved to the local device, ensuring data is automatically backed up, but also copied to the cloud, with encrypted protection.
  • Image based backup tech (a snapshot of the entire system) ensures that all files, including apps are 100% recoverable. 
  • Backups are automatically “spun up” and a snapshot is taken of the login screen. 
  • Verification is emailed to users to confirm backup and backup viability. 

System Failure

  • Alerts are generated and the user is contacted
  • The latest viable snapshot is ‘spun up’ as a virtualised machine on the Datto device 
  • The system is backed up and running within mere seconds
  • While the server is being restored, users can operate the system from the virtual machine now running on the Datto device

Compromised Local Device

  • In the event of catastrophic fire, flood, human error or other, the entire system is virtualised to the encrypted cloud.
  • In the event of damage to the server and the local device, the system is recoverable via then encrypted cloud.
  • If the Datto device is destroyed, a new device can be issued and the snapshot virtualised 
  • The entire network can be operated on the replacement Datto device until the local systems and devices are restored.

Scalable Sizes According To Your Systems

Available in 3 form factors, Datto device sizes are scalable in accordance to your unique data needs. Choose from: 

Mini Desktop Model

Covers single laptops, small servers and straightforward workstations in the one compact, hard-working device. 

Desktop Model

Capable of backing up multiple servers or virtual machines, the Desktop size device is well suited to small businesses.

Rack Mount Model

Larger businesses and enterprises with multiple servers and virtual machines are best suited to the Rack Mount models. Device capacity ranges from 500GB to120TB with field upgrades available to provide additional capacity as business grows.

A failsafe BCDR solution is crucial for businesses of every size. To find out more about the BCDR services we offer and to learn more about the various platforms we can tailor to suit your unique business requirements, call us today.

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