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Uninterrupted access to Wi-Fi is now a basic standard for resorts, hotels and motels. Hitting the benchmark with a high-quality hotel Wi-Fi solution guarantees your guests needs are met and keeps businesses ahead of the curve when it comes to the competition. A strong Wi-Fi signal is among the most heavily searched-for terms when guests decide who they will stay with.

Discussions about the rising demand for Wi-Fi has revealed some fascinating insights. In fact, one of our holiday park clients reported that “Good Wi-Fi is more important than a hot shower to some guests.”

Crash Technology Wi-Fi For Resorts And Hotels

Crash Technology has partnered with a number of Australian resorts, hotels and guesthouses, tailoring effective, unique and powerful hospitality Wi-Fi solutions to their unique need. Rising to the challenge of providing seamless connectivity to each guest within those spaces, Teksupport have delivered leading hotel wireless solutions which are:

Hotel Wifi Network

  • Cost effective
  • Operate Consistently and reliably
  • Overcome complex venue arrangements
  • Manage heavy user traffic demands
  • Work hard to maintain guest satisfaction

Why Do Our Solutions Work So Well?

The Crash Technology hotel Wi-Fi solution is unlike any other. Exclusive to the vendor we use, it delivers connectivity via a virtual Wi-Fi cell solution, allowing users to remain connected seamlessly across the entire premises. 

Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop…Todays Devices Are Fundamental Basics.

If guests can’t download, work, communicate or play on their devices, even the most impressive room won’t be enough. When an in-house hotel Wi-Fi solution meets client demand, your business ticks the box on a standard that is all too often missed. The message is clear: your Wi-Fi signal needs to be strong, constant and reliable if you want keep guests happy. 

Overdue For A Hotel Wi-Fi Update?

Hotel wireless solutions have evolved rapidly in the last decade. What was acceptable even two years ago fails to stand up to the demands of basics like Netflix, Foxtel, and your guests favourite catch up channels. And that’s just for relaxation. For guests on a business trip, a strong signal isn’t a bonus- it’s an essential basic, and one that you absolutely must accommodate to maintain guest satisfaction.

Is it time to update your hotel Wi-Fi network? Don’t waste another opportunity to lead by example. Crash Technology hotel Wi-Fi network solutions have improved business across a broad variety of hotels, motels and resorts, and our team of experts are happy to demonstrate. Call us for more information today.

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" ...this network design was to allow minimal downtime in the event of a single system failure, and we achieved this with a redundant HP SAN and clustered servers through VMware."
David English - Senior Network Administrator, Nuplex Industries

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