IT Infrastructure

Notebooks & Desktops

Purchasing a new notebook/laptop (and even a new desktop) can be a mine field in deciding what to choose. There are many pitfalls when choosing between a consumer grade or business/commercial unit as amongst other differences these are supplied with different operating systems. Other things to take into consideration when deciding on the right product for you are how portable must it be? Does it need a long battery life? Will you need high quality graphics for games etc? Must it be small and compact or have a large screen? Do you use numbers a lot - a side number pad maybe important? Discussing your specific requirements will help us provide the right solution for you.

Network Infrastructure

We recommend and install a range of quality networking infrastructure such as Cisco switches and routers, and Fortinet Enterprise Wi-Fi.

We can also plan and arrange structured cable solutions for any expansion or new office premises. We firmly believe that time spent planning an infrastructure design will save you time and money in the long term. Most modern security and telephony equipment uses the Internet Protocol so all your services can run over the same structured network. There is no need for separate cabling for phones, internet, and security etc.

Teksupport can design your system layout allowing for future growth and technology upgrades. We can provide data cabling, electrical wiring, wiring distribution systems, patch panels, patch leads, switches and routers etc.

Office Products

Did you know that Teksupport can supply a wide range of office products? Everything from regular computer equipment like PCs, desktops, laptops, servers, etc, through to a whole range of printing solutions; projectors and screens; smart electronic white boards; Wi-Fi solutions that work, and even digital messaging solutions which are a perfect way to showcase your business

We can also supply Microsoft Office products including Office 365, and migration services to Microsoft Hosted Exchange. 

Whatever your circumstances we can determine the best and most cost-effective product for your business.

Business  Server Solutions

Whether it be seeking a microsoft small business server or a server backup solution for a small business, we always aim to provide you with a high quality server that can take on any requirement you need.

Our customised server solutions are aimed to run more effectively and are more cost-efficient, than the “off-the-shelf” type of business server solution.

When we supply you with a new server, it will be tailored to your specific requirements. We rarely supply 'off the shelf' solutions as we find customized solutions to be more effective and importantly, no more expensive. We favour brands like Fujitsu which are designed in Japan and made in Germany, and HP – a known and trusted server brand.

Call us on: 03 9590 0560, to make a business server inquiry today.

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" Dean was instrumental in understanding our infrastructure and working with our team to insure that our stores were supported correctly and with minimal interruption. "
Steve Hogben - Chief Technology Officer, Quickflix Limited

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