I.T. Outsourcing

What is IT outsourcing?

Put simply we look after your technology systems, this allows for efficient cost management of your technology.

We help your business manage the maze that is technology, this allows you to focus on your business, not on your IT.

Depending on the level of support our role maybe as simple as an additional resource on a PC deployment, or have the added challenges of multisite deployments across multiple platforms.

When you engage an IT service provider, you bring a wealth of knowledge into your business.

Most of the time you will free up and internal resource someone who has been running IT systems, that have grown organically and is now taking up more time than their  primary function.

IT outsourcing also allows you multiple resources that would typically be out of reach for small to medium size business. 

Crash Technology on “IT outsourcing”

IT outsourcing is not only about computers and servers, it about using our experience to help you build better business processes built around technology.

“We have to help our clients grow their business through the use of technology ” is what Dean Attard , Managing Director  has to say when it comes to outsourcing IT. “ anyone can fix a computer but using that computer to grow our clients business, that’s what sets us apart from the rest.”

IT outsourcing gives you access to the latest technology. Our staff have the he latest tools to help your business grow.

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" Dean was instrumental in understanding our infrastructure and working with our team to insure that our stores were supported correctly and with minimal interruption. "
Steve Hogben - Chief Technology Officer, Quickflix Limited

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