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The Cyber Terrorists Who Want To Target You

Ransomware remains the fastest growing malware threatening Australian businesses and their most precious asset: data.

Ransomware took the world by storm in 2017, resulting in $5 billion in losses both from ransoms paid and associated costs incurred recovering from the cyberattacks. Fast forward two years and Ransomware still looms large. 

Ransomware is an emerging form of malware that locks the user out of their files or device and demands an online payment to restore access. Ransomware perpetrators demand payment in the form of cryptocurrency or credit card. There are several forms Ransomware takes, making it hard to discern. It may present itself as an unsolicited email or be guised as a link on a website. Cybercriminals who deploy Ransomware use sophisticated forms of social engineering to compel their victims to open/click on the attachments they send.

For any business, Ransomware poses adangerous threat. As technology continues to evolve, companies are increasingly reliant on their digital databases and networks to do business. When cybercriminals target businesses, they not only take away their data and files, but take away their ability to do their job. While perpetrators do not discriminate in who they attack, some industries are at a higher-risk of being targeted.

Ransomware is infamous for targeting the healthcare industry, with 45% of total Ransomware attacks being on healthcare organisations. The cybercriminals who do this are acutely aware of how data is used in hospitals and aged care facilities to treat and monitor people. With human lives at risk, healthcare organisations are far more likely to pay the ransom. ‘TekSupport’ offer a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery plan (BCDR) for businesses around Australia, especially those most vulnerable to Ransomware.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) identifies three risk factors that put your business at a higher risk of being attacked;.

  • Lack of regular software updates
  • Not performing regular backups
  • Educating staff on suspicious links/attachments

The ‘Datto SIRIS 3’ offers total reassurance with complete data protection, making it an essential device in the war against Ransomware. With the ability to integrate into your existing system, ‘Datto SIRIS 3’ is the fastest in backing up your system and recovering your data. The multi-pronged approach uses Instant Virtual Technology to replicate existing infrastructure in the case of a security breach. This innovative technology implements a tailored backup schedule which includes image based back up. The ‘Datto SIRIS 3’ takes a snapshot of the entire system in minutes ensuring that all your data including apps and emails are recoverable.

In 2019, our data is more important than ever. A failsafe BCDR is crucial for any business. ‘TekSupport’ has a wide range of scalable systems to suit any business. Contact one of our IT experts to find out how we can protect you and your business.

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